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Jun 13 11 9:14 PM

Has anyone here heard SOULCRY - A LIFE SO CHANGED PART 1 & 2 ?? Lena Jinnegren from Era (Looking For Something, Misere Mani, Don't You Forget About Me etc...) sings on it. It was released as Vinyl single and on CD compilations such as Trancemaster 5008, Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 44 and many others.

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#25 [url]

Jun 17 11 9:24 PM

I bought this CD from the same seller who was advertising on before. She returned to announce the product for sale because people who had bought before did not know she does not ship products. When I saw that they were being advertised again, bought it. A friend of mine who lives in Buenos Aires took it directly with the seller. He will come to Brazil tomorrow and Monday will send me by mail. When I receive the CD, will share songs.

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#34 [url]

May 4 13 4:59 AM

hello all
I voulai whether there are possible to upload the album again ....... the given link does not work anymore =( .if he would please I'm looking for a long time ( here is my email address : )
thank you in advance =)

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