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May 2 13 10:36 PM

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"Arielle Dombasle by ERA"
Release date: 1 July 2013

Two years after issuing the album "Diva Latina", the singer and actress Arielle Dombasle announces the release of a new disc recorded with Era, "Arielle Dombasle by Era," July 1. Ten tracks recorded and arranged by Eric Levi, at the crossroads of two worlds that have never been so close.

A few months ago, Arielle Dombasle announced in the columns of Paris she was about to enter "the studio to record an album of prayers, motets (compositions for two voices, Ed), oratorios, cantatas. The mystical and symphonic music. " A project previously kept secret and whose Pure Charts shows you this morning the first elements.

Two years after releasing the album "Diva Latina", the actress and singer with many hats will be back in stores with a new album, the seventh, recorded with Era. Simply titled "Arielle Dombasle by Era", the project will be released on July 1 on Mercury / Universal and will consist of ten songs that come to life in the form of "incantations" as singer label. This project is inspired by the "true faith" Arielle Dombasle found in Mexico throughout his travels, and is nothing less than the fulfillment of a dream that occupies his thoughts for a long time. More than just a record, "Arielle Dombasle by Era" is an artistic and spiritual encounter between Eric Levi (Era) and the interpreter of "La Liberta", a "communion" mystical and modern in which the singer is discovered "a new voice."

At the crossroads of two worlds actually not that far away

At the crossroads of two worlds actually not that far away but have never been so close, "Arielle Dombasle by Era" is not an album on which Arielle Era has just worked, but rather an original disc and thought built for two, albeit with dominance on each piece as "Sins", which takes us further into the Celtic Era universe, and "Do not Take Pleasure of My Pain", that showcases the voice of the singer. We find on this album entitled "Adagio of Barber," which sounds very film music, "Cold Song", in which the voice of Arielle Dombasle, supported by ubiquitous strings, is truly unrecognizable. But it was the song "Ave Maria" to be unveiled Friday, May 3rd to start hostilities. A very surprising synthetic security, which will be available to users on download platforms in the aftermath, Monday, May 6

"Ave Maria" is a prayer dedicated to the Virgin Mary have repeatedly interpreted in different registers, as well as by Celine Dion and Beyonce Mylène Farmer. Era and Arielle Dombasle worked on a new confusing interpretation that should not go unnoticed, the essence of the singer. For Arielle Dombasle, like it or not, leaves no one indifferent. A woman of character, equally at home in the studio and facing the camera, the artist likes the big differences and prove once again the scene of Theatre Gymnasium Marseille from 14 to 18 May and 31 May Sarlat ..

"Arielle Dombasle by Era" also marks the return of Era, discreet in recent years since the release of the album "Classics" and "Classics II" (2009 and 2010). Era has sold nearly 15 million records worldwide and has touched the sensitivities with the titles "Ameno", "The Mass" and "ENAO Volara Mezzo".

Era / Arielle Dombasle - Ave Maria / Digital Single
Release date: 6 May 2013


1.Ave Maria

(exclusive single preview: 3 may 2013)

Arielle Dombasle Official Website:

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#4 [url]

Jun 11 13 12:39 AM


CD - Standard Version (1 CD)
CD - Special Edition (2 CD)
Digital Download

iTunes Pre-Order: 17 June 2013
Release date: 1 July 2013


CD 1 (Standard + Special)

1. Ave Maria
2.Cold Song (King Arthur)
3.Adagio Of Barber
5.Don't Take Pleasure Of My Pain
6.After Time
7.Just Close Your Eyes
8.Tiesto Demoni
9.Lost Jericho
10.Thousand Words

CD 2 (Special Edition Only)

1.Lost Jericho

Official Album Trailer

Don't Take Pleasure Of My Pain (Extract)

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#5 [url]

Jun 14 13 9:47 PM

Small update about tracklist:

1/Ave Maria (inspired by "Ave Maria" - Gonoud)
2/Cold Song (inspired by "King Arthur" - Purcell)
3/Don't Take Pleasure Of My Pain (inspired by "Cum Jubileo" - Durufle)
4/Adagio Of Barber (edit  / "Agnus Dei")
5/Sins (inspired by "Miserere" - D'Allegri)
6/After Time
7/Just Close Your Eyes (inspired by Concerto - Bach)
8/Tiesto Demoni (inspired by 5th Symphonie - Mahler)
9/Lost Jericho (insired by "Cantante" - Bach)
10/Thousand Words

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#8 [url]

Jun 24 13 11:16 PM

Listen to 6 tracks (full-length) from forthcoming album "Arielle Dombasle"

1.Ave Maria (4:02)
2.Cold Song (3:29)
3.Adagio For Strings (3:57)
4.Don't Take Pleasure Of My Pain (4:22)
5.Aftertime (3:54)
6.Tiesto Demoni (4:12)

Player is working very slow at the beginning. Need to wait long time (even 1 hour) before it will start playing.

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Jul 5 13 1:58 AM

All in all a very beautiful album, though i would have wished for more extensive variations on the arrangements of "a thousand words", "tiesto demoni" and " After time". Still its a wonderful album on its own right. Now can anyone provide more info on the "lost Gericho" track on disc 2 of the special edition? Btw does anyone have the digital booklets of this and classics 1 album?

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Oct 15 13 10:19 PM

Two performances of "Cold Song" :

Arielle Dombasle by Era - Cold Song - Vivement Dimanche (22/09/2013)

Arielle Dombasle by Era - Cold Song (300 Choeurs pour + de Vie)

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