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Exclusive! Download the complete album "Arielle Dombasle by Era"

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Jul 3 13 8:31 AM

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Download the complete album "Arielle Dombasle by Era"

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Great quality!

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Jul 3 13 10:32 AM

The album has already tiring opening of "Ave Maria", which is one of the Era that singing was powerful appears, with its "Ave" and "Marias", the song was one of the worst tracks on the album opening was very weak near Ameno, The Mass and even Omen Sore ...
Soon after, the band Cold Song is actually a cool band, touches the track are strong, but the voice of Arielle in this range did not match much, here the voice of a male singer sound better ... a track listenable only improves when the corner appears was leaving the band imposing, but it's not a song you repeat ...
In Adagio of Barber, all sound was already known prevails, a song that takes you to other ares, transformative, beautiful, classic. Here again Arielle spoils the track ... but not as spoils in Cold Song, a graceful range.
Really Sins, beautiful, as we see a voice and combined with the instrumental can transform a song. Arielle's voice combined in all the touches, keyboards, violins, one of the best tracks on the album, and one of which resemble and plenty Era would fall perfectly well on the album Reborn.
Do not Take My Pleasure Of Pain, here is another track that would fit perfectly well in Reborn. A band that blends the eclectic techno instrumental beats that are not strong, but it really here, we have a music style puzzle until whispers Arielle resemble those of Gravity of Love Enigma and other tracks. Very good range.
After Time, is not new Eric Levi put old tracks on their albums, but I perfect this time because After Time is a wonderful track, with Arielle on vocals just got sexier. Deserves to be heard and deserves a remix with the original After Time.
Just Close your Eyes, for me, one of the most beautiful tracks of all the songs on Era is beautiful without being boring, is quiet without being stopped, is very good, and instrumental voices are in a shed so tasty to hear. Type of music you listen to feel good. Just close your eyes, and listen to it.
Tiesto Demoni, here we have a song more instrumental in its beginning, remembering The Champions at the start, imposing. Here comes Arielle with a commanding vocal. When she says Tiesto, has a tremendous force, a sound laudable again, this was deserved to be in Classics.
Lost Jericho, that sound, that sleek beauty, is a track as light and strong at the same time. We have a classical sound, good lyrics, this track is full Arielle. Just missed u "touch" was in the band, we have a few songs of the group. Only a failure ...
We end the album with Thousand Words (Edit We Call Your Name), where after a long time we have an instrumental remembering Reborn with Voxifera, with groans and Arielle Arab ... this track would fit into Reborn, and has nothing to do with this album ...
We end the album with a bad track ... started with the introduction Ave Maria, which for some is beautiful, but we have so many versions of this song, it becomes tiring ...
In general, I believe that this album is really Arielle Dombasle, with participation of Era
Overall I rate 6/10 the album. I'm not a critic, just a fan awaiting a cd was like the first. And only the Era
But I'm happy with another album to put in the collection.

Daniel Grizante

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