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Sep 9 09 6:35 PM

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 Gift of yugi Moto loving to all era appeal to Lord

Offer you the album Era 


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Sep 13 09 11:14 AM

I completely agree with swap. I have more than 12 years listening Era, I have a website in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portugues; unfurtunately without updates) also I have a blog, I have groups, I have contact with people of Universal, and I tell to you, this is NOT Era.

yugiera, try to visit the "Oficial" Website of Era and you will see the only official albums. Is nice that a friend introduce to you the music by Era, but do you notice the differences between both?


Jesús Rodríguez, México

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#12 [url]

Sep 14 09 6:57 AM

that's not a proof, it only tells us that someone released some of that albums adding a sign of +eRa+
a proof is the official site
all we can do is sympathizing with you in your deep ignorance

+eRa+ forever!

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#14 [url]

Dec 25 11 7:51 PM

There is a data that someone knows... you are missing a data.

If you see this image (down) is not the "+eRa+" logo... like this one:

"*eRa*" Always and forever is gonna use its logo in every CD... I mean Albums and Singles.
If you see every pictures of Singles, Compilations and Albums, there are "+eRa+" logoes, no without it, Isn't it?

Solyma is from France but... if you see the real video "Jerusalem" you don't see the "+" (Cross)
that they always use in their videos, am I wrong?

And why the video says: Solyma - Jerusalem?
Why not: Era - Jerusalem? Do you understand me? 

That's why I do Affirm that this CD "Solyma" is not ERA!!!

What do you think about this info? Greetings, bye...

P.S: I am Uruguayan, and if there is something that I wrote wrong, sorry for it... 

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#15 [url]

Dec 29 11 1:12 AM

Hello, I'm french, living in France and I have all ERA Cd and... SOLYMA. Very similar but not the same composeur! Eric Levi for ERA (Mercury/Universal) and P. Serge/F. Talian/A. Pewzner/P. Léger/L. Kahena for SOLYMA (BMG France)!

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