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Aug 24 08 12:07 AM

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We continue to give you interesting videos connected with Era and Eric Levi...
The start of the topic is here:

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#2 [url]

Sep 3 08 5:23 PM

I like it very much this videos.
Maybe this will be one of the song that we can translate (if someone speaks Corean and english) maybe we can know the lyrics.

All I understand is champions tonigth hehehe

And I saw your video collection, it's good too! Thanks for your apport.

Jesús Rodríguez, México

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#3 [url]

Sep 3 08 8:18 PM

here is English lyrics:

Here comes the game
Time for the brave
On the way to victory
No time to lose
No time to feel pain
There'll be no second chance
We are the heroes
Yes, we are
My friend
We are the champions
Tonight we'll touch the sky

+eRa+ forever!

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#5 [url]

Oct 21 08 12:54 PM

I saw the video, and I like it very much.
Just see Irene Bustamante and Pierre Boisserie.
All of the other dancers never seen before.

It is a great show, we need to search more about that show. Think is German.

Thanks for the video
I'll put here the video you give us the link

Jesús Rodríguez, México

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#6 [url]

Oct 21 08 2:35 PM

Here is another Audio embeded from Enae Volare Mezzo from the film The Visitors. Sound different. This music is the same that Horazzio give to me, but this is from Wat TV. Original Audio from the film.
Enjoy it.

Jesús Rodríguez, México

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#7 [url]

Feb 25 09 3:15 AM

I updated my YT channel with new videos:
Eric Geisen - My Woman (Eric Levi)
Andy Chase - Be my Guardian Angel (Eric Levi)
Eric Levi - Enae Volare Mezzo (Les Visiteurs), 1993
Eric Levi - Voices From The Past (Enae Volare Mezzo, remix)
Eric Levi - Hang On (L`Operation Corned Beef)

hope, you'll enjoy them

+eRa+ forever!

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#8 [url]

May 23 09 12:27 AM

I saw the videos you have. interesting stuff. I am looking around more videos.

hey max. thank you so much for be here all this time. I apologize to you. But I have been very busy with my job.
Now is more relax and much free time. Hope to see you around, you have do a good job here. The forum are great!


Jesús Rodríguez, México

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#10 [url]

May 27 09 10:37 PM

This is new for a lot of people including myself. thank you so much max. I hope you save all this video clips of your pc. just to have a backup hehe.

Jesús Rodríguez, México

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#11 [url]

Aug 15 09 2:11 AM

although they are not great singers, the orchestra and especially the drummer is great ! and singers in the back have got real drive )

+eRa+ forever!

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#12 [url]

Aug 29 09 11:04 AM

Nice video, I saw it last time I visited the forum and I like it. My question is.. and the lyrics? who gave to them? hehehe Some clue about it?

Jesús Rodríguez, México

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#17 [url]

Dec 4 10 4:11 PM

there is a video in amentovenero youtube page of the chosen prayer, this is official videof rom ERA? it has unseen footages of classics I in this video. is there official videos for classics I and II excpet for the trailers?

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#18 [url]

Dec 5 10 2:23 AM

video from amentovenero

was included in "eRa CLASSICS (edition collector)"
so, yes, the video is official
it's a mix of cuts from old videos and some new material

the strange thing is that it wasn't published on

i didn't see any video from Classics II, only teaser

+eRa+ forever!

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