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Jun 13 12 12:15 PM

i think you need to learn a little bit more english.

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Jun 13 12 12:33 PM

i think you need to learn a little bit more english.


thanks for the remark... it was remarkable and I will take it into account

+eRa+ forever!

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Jun 16 12 9:38 AM

translation of the article

Moscow, 13 of June - RIA News. World known project "Era" performed with a live show for the first time in the world in Moscow at Day of Russia on the stage of Crocus City Hall, where presented its best songs accompanied by russian musicians and singers.

Before that evening the project existed only in studio records and russian audience had a chance to be the first one that will see "Era" by their own eyes. Though the chance was used not by as many people as was possible - about quarter of the hall was empty. But those who wasn't lazy on the holiday to get to the 65th km of Moscow Ring Road saw the delightful show and listened to Era's hits that were amazing already in studio records but in live performance they rocked by their power and greatness.

By the first few seconds audience was charmed by howling sounds of the wind that were beginning of one of the main songs of the project - "Enae Volare". After such powerful performance the leader of the project, french composer and multi-instrumentalist Eric Levi, that appeared on the stage as a part of his rock band, greeted the audience.

"Good evening, Moscow" - he said in Russian and then continued in English: "As you can know this is the very first time we have performing on the stage. For this special occasion we came to Moscow to be here with you tonight. I hope you'll enjoy the show."

Along with Levi's musicians English Chamber Choir, that sounded in all Era's records, took part in premier concert conducted by Guy Protheroe, that also performs main male parts in project's songs. Besides that russian musicians were also invited to take part in premier - string section of Grand Concert Orchestra named after Silantyev and Grand Choir of The Russian State TV and Radio Music Centre "Masters of Choral Singing".

Singers that were behind main musicians added medieval atmosphere to the show and voices of choir were flying under the dome of the hall like in a gothic cathedral.

During 2-hours concert more than 20 compositions were played. Among them were Sentence, Looking For Something, Reborn, Dark Voices, Avemano, Don't Go Away, Mother, The Mass, If You Shout, Era, Misere Mani, Prayers, Sempire Dia More, As The Rain Fell In My Room, I Believe, Abbey Road Blues, Voxifera and Kilimandjaro.

They were performed by 3 female singers: 2 regular participants of the project "Era" - Lena Jinnegren and Florence Dedam and also invited singer from Syria Racha Rizk. Singers replaced each other almost on every song but they prepared to the meeting with russian public and after each song thanked the audience in russian language for heavy applause.

Additionally there was a special invited guest - famous opera singer Fabrice Mantegna, that performed Devore Amante. As Levi told, the singer heard this song many years ago and fall in love at once, so there was no need to persuade him to sing the song at concert in Moscow.

Every performance act was accompanied by pieces of Era's gorgeous clips that were shown on the screen behind the stage. Singers performed on background of flowers under the rain, water sparkling in sun's light, gothic vitrage behind that a storm was. While performing some songs special clips were shown underlining the historical context due to the use of medieval stuff.

Nearly at the end of the show impressed spectators started to present flowers to performers, and singers got also plush toys. Fabrice Mantegna was nearly lucky too - one of  the touched female spectators presented him her little girl together with flowers though changed her mind on time and took the girl back.

At the last song of the main program "A Brand New Day" all three female singers came. Levi asked the audience to sing along with them and Lena Jinnegren promised that the text would be very simple - na-nana-nana. The song was so driving that not only the audience sang along with singers and clapped but also members of choir and orchestra on the stage.

"Era" performed an encore its main hit "Ameno" and also "Sinfoni Deo" and was rewarded by great ovation with whistling and admiring screams "Bravo".  At the end Levi thanked the audience, called it fantastic and hid behind the scenes to replay the show at Crocus City Hall next day.

+eRa+ forever!

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#34 [url]

Jun 16 12 11:13 PM

  to solve all questions concerning artists and songs

from left to the right:
1st Alexandr Klevitskiy (conductor of Grand Concert Orchestra named after Silantyev)
2nd Lee Sklar (bass guitarist)
3rd Rob Harris (guitarist)
4th Karl Brazil (drummer)
5th Lena Jinnegren (singer)
6th Mim Grey (singer)
7th Racha Rizk (singer)
8th Fabrice Mantegna (singer) 
9th Eric Levi 
10th Norbert Nono Krief (guitarist)
11th Guy Protheroe (conductor of English Chamber Choir) 

setlist of Era's concert:
1 Enae Volare
2 Sentence (Lena Jinnegren)
3 Looking For Something (Lena Jinnegren)
4 Reborn (Racha Rizk)
5 Dark Voices (Mim Grey)
6 Avemano (Lena Jinnegren)
7 Don't Go Away (Lena Jinnegren)
8 Mother (12.06.2012 - Lena Jinnegren, 13.06.2012 - Mim Grey)
9 The Mass
10 If You Shout (Lena Jinnegren - Mim Grey)
end of first part
11 Era (Racha Rizk)
12 Misere Mani (Lena Jinnegren)
13 Prayers (Racha Rizk)
14 Devore Amante (Fabrice Mantegna - Racha Rizk)
15 Sempire Dia More (Fabrice Mantegna - Lena Jinnegren)
16 As the Rain Fell In My Room (Mim Grey - Lena Jinnegren)
17 I Believe (Fabrice Mantegna - Racha Rizk)
18 Abbey Road Blues (Racha Rizk)
19 Voxifera
20 Kilimandjaro (Mim Grey - Lena Jinnegren)
21 A Brand New Day (Lena Jinnegren - Mim Grey - Racha Rizk)
first end
22 - Ameno remix (Lena Jinnegren)
23 - Sinfoni Deo (Fabrice Mantegna - Lena Jinnegren - Mim Grey - Racha Rizk)

+eRa+ forever!

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Jul 8 12 7:34 AM

I have some pictures from the Lancater and Allentown Concerts from a few weeks ago. i tried seinndg them the nights after the concerts,but something in my aim mail thing wasnt working. I'll try to send them again so you guys could put them up here

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