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May 21 12 12:42 PM

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Hello im new, my name is Marco and im italian, sorry for my enhish.
I like very much project of ERA, im do a cover of enae if you want to see, this is the link
Im very happy ERA project come back, maybe you know Pierre Boisserie and Irene Bustamante participate ?
You know the name of the girl in the video Ameno of ERA ?
Maybe is there on internet a site for send my compliments to peolpe of ERA project ?
Thank you, and im waiting for your responses.
Im happy to be here, becuse i like this music, and god is my strenght and faith.

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May 22 12 5:34 AM

Thank you, is very different this lyrics.
Im want to do some other cover.
Maybe become sometime of some project maybe a very good dream, become actor, dance, soo fantastic.

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Jun 15 12 8:25 AM

Hi and Welcome to the forum!

I'm Adrian from Mexico, founder and admin. Anything you need help, just let me know.

Best wishes,

Jesús Rodríguez, México

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Jul 7 12 9:00 PM

I know this is Short notice weaehtr is going to be Fantastic tomorrow going for a ride to Florence, Coolidge and back to Catalina. It is the same route we will ride on the 3rd of Dec for the Toy Drive/Poker Run. Meeting at the Players Pub on Oracle in Catalina Sat the 29th at 10am kickstands up at 10:30. Hop[e some can make it.King Rat

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Aug 28 12 11:09 AM

Hy Lorrins and welcome to the forum . I am Dudu , I am roumain. I give you sone news about Pierre and Irene.
Pierre B is a coregrapher. He make coregrapfie for his projects - dancing , shows , festivals in France and outside of France. ( not include eRa projects)

Irene Bustamante has his own projects in Chile.She is a member of a music band - Cuti Aste band and make coregrapfie for tv shows.

try to translate using google translate 

Irene Bustamante, coreógrafa de los musicales mas importantes que se han montado en Chile los últimos años: La Pérgola de las Flores, Cabaret, El Mago de Oz y La Novicia Rebelde que se estrena hoy en el Nescafé de las Artes.

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